1 in 8 Need Stamps

1 in 8 Americans need Food Stamps to eat.

That is 39,680,000 people. That is nearly 40 million people going hungry in America.

Tangent, I do say going hungry. It is very hard to starve in America unless it is an intentional choice or some sort of sadistic punishment. But still, 1 in 8 Americans go hungry each day.

Memphis is the hunger capital of the United States. On any given day, nearly 30% of the people in Memphis go hungry. That is staggering!

This epidemic is growing. In Dec 2008, 31 million Americans were on Food Stamps. The expectation is that in 2011 over 42 million people will be receiving food stamps. That is a 35% increase in about 2 years.

This issue hits close to home, literally. A community center just a block from my house serves about a hundred of my neighbors three times a week, Sunday Breakfast and Tuesday & Thursday Lunch. The problem is the food bank has been running short this spring. They have only been getting food every other week.

My friend, Rev. Freddie Moore runs this center called Holy Community at the corner of Looney & 7th. He doesn’t know I am doing this, but if you are interested in organizing a meal at any time, let me know.

I will be happy to help you coordinate or even host feeding about 50 to 75 people.  The lunch times would be ideal. Food is great! If you can come, visit with my neighbors, maybe share a few minutes about how much God means to you or how much you want them to know they are loved, that would be awesome!

We have already organized three lunches this Spring and I have two on the books for June already!

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