Francis Chan

Francis Chan, my favorite church leader that I have never met, stepped down from Cornerstone Church this week. The story is on Catalyst Space.

I have mixed emotions. I am excited for the Kingdom, but prayerful for his church. I am proud of his courage, but inquisitive about his direction.

I don’t know Francis. I wish I did. I really wish I could sit with him over coffee and just hear how he got here.  16 amazing years of building a HUGE church, but his heart still pushes him to do church different.

I wonder what he will end up doing will look like. I wonder how many mega church leaders will follow his lead.

In my head, I think he built what he thought was best 15 years ago, but when he got it, plus what he learned along the way, showed him maybe a better way of doing what he always dreamed to do. (But what do I know.)

This is one of my favorite Chan parables…The BIG Red Tractor:

This is my favorite Chan illustration…The Balance Beam:

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