Flashback: Easter Egg Hunt Gone Haywire!

This story I posted two years ago is from what is now a six-year-old church in Canton, GA is unbelievable…

Part One Here (These links don’t work anymore)

“We decided if we were going to do it, we were going BIG. We rented Boling Park and decided we were going to drop 50,000 eggs from a helicopter. Instead of just a egg drop, we decided we would bring in a ton of inflatables, give away some GREAT prizes, and create the biggest event Canton has ever seen.”

They were expecting 4,000 people…over 12,000 showed up!

Part Two Here (These links don’t work anymore)

Some Quotes from part 2:

“As soon as the eggs dropped, I sounded the alarm and it happened. At once, the entire crowd rushed the field. I remember looking up and the first thing going through my head was, “That kid just got knocked down.”

“As I am scanning the field, kids are crying like crazy. HUNDREDS of kids didn’t get any eggs, HUNDREDS of kids are covered in mud, and then I hear the parents start screaming out names.”

“I was shocked at how many people in Canton carry knives!!!”

“I would do it all over again!” – (ummm???)

This is bigger and better gone terribly wrong!

Thanks JB for emailing me this story.

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