The Question Game

Jewish Scholars believe that questions were often the answer to questions in the days of Jesus.

People would pose a question and the person would reply with an answer in the form of question and the originator of the original question would come back with another question till the conversation finally ended with a final question. The final question, was in-fact the answer the person was looking for.

Rabbi Vander Laan shared about a recent experience in Israel where a young woman walked into a an old Jewish Rabbi’s store. In his store he sold his photographs. As she looked around the store, amazed at the beauty of the photos, she asked the old Rabbi, “Which one is your favorite?”

He replied, “Do you have children?”

Thinking that was an odd response she said, “Yes….why?”

(fortunately she said “why?” or she may have never got this next part)

The shop keeper replied, “Which one is your favorite?”

The young woman got her answer….all his photos were his favorite. He couldn’t be expected to pick one above the rest. But she got her answer in the form of a question.

Since learning this and hearing this story, I have often wondered if God replies to us with questions. I mean we are always asking him things.  Who? What? When? Why? Where? How?  We want to know so much and sometimes we get answers, but sometimes we don’t. Or maybe we think we don’t. We are so busy looking for a straight forward answer, maybe we miss His actual response.

What if God sometimes answers our questions with questions?

I read  a blog today that finally inspired me to write about this thought. A young lady named Kristen on her blog shared a story about asking God a question. She had a question for God after returning from Kenya and wrestling with some of the world’s realities first hand.

She asked God, “Why do you allow poverty, suffering, and injustice when You could do something about it.”

She said God replied back with the exact same question.

What is your question for God?


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3 responses to “The Question Game

  1. Ah, I read this blog, too. Totally smacked me right upside the head. Thanks for sharing.

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