New Street Corner

If you follow this Blog you can always tell when I am SUPER BUSY. New posts come to almost a screeching halt.

The Rising has had me running for sure. Today was the last HUGE Day.

So much has happened, I can’t begin to explain. You should have just been here, but since you weren’t I will give you the full story in heaven.

I did want to share with you one little corner that was redeemed though.

The photo above is a nasty street corner that had kids walking in a busy street to school and was a very dangerous place once the brush got thick in the summer.

Well today, that changed…

A team from Austin, Texas redeemed a dangerous little corner in about two hours today. Didn’t cost a dime.

Now all we need is a power washer to clean off the side walk for good. (Anybody got one!)

What could you redeem in your hood this week?

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One response to “New Street Corner

  1. Love this. Thank you for leading these teams and serving them all week!

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