Men | Pastors | The Church

John Bryson shared with me a thought provoking quote from Scott Thomas with Acts 29 about Men, their Pastors, and the Local Church…

“The problem I am seeing is that we are so desperate for good men that we are not sending them into the field. We take men designed to be warriors and we make them into ecclesiastical pacifists. All men start out as a jackass, are designed to be stallions but the church tries to make them mules: sturdy, less volatile, sterile.

I think the church has a dysfunctional codependent relationship with its men. Some pastors need affirmation from other men generally because their own absentee father never did. Conversely, the men need the pastor to do the work of the ministry so they don’t have to.

As a result, the pastor works slavishly, often at the expense of his family, for affirmation and the men pay tithes and compliments to avoid the work of mission so their lives aren’t distracted away from their own goals—often financial gain or recreation. It’s a convenient relationship, but it’s not Biblical.”

– Scott Thomas


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2 responses to “Men | Pastors | The Church

  1. That was a great quote by Scott. I like how he described how men start out.

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