No Clothes at Church

I am sorry, but I just don’t think I could worship with other people naked.  I don’t care how “freeing” it is.

At this church in Virginia, they do just that.  The above image takes you to a page with the full story.

Here is an actual quote for the pastor, “The biggest events in Jesus’ life happened when he was naked, like when he was born, crucified and rose . . . .  Great apologetic for nudism.”

The below YouTube is a news reporting on this church that gets pretty candid at the end.


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2 responses to “No Clothes at Church

  1. Heather L. Trotter

    ABSOLUTELY NOT! Loved his Jesus justification though! lol

  2. LOVE that commentary from the traffic girl. Especially the whole “first of all, you can totally tell who’s employed or not…” hahahahahahaha

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