How Jesus Made His Disciples

Mike Anderson of Resurgence wrote a 15 part series on “How Jesus Made His Disciples“.  Each section is two to four paragraphs. Very easy to read and written in laymen terms for sure. I linked all 15 parts here with one comment on a slight disagreement. (Mike may actually not disagree with me, but his piece didn’t go into what I see happening in scripture that could change how you view his point.)

All of that to say, I love his focal points and I hope I can live this and build into other people the ability to do these things as well.


Jesus started with good drink and hospitality

Jesus made his mission clear

Jesus exposed his heart & was cautious in his interactions with his disciples

Jesus preached & allowed his disciples to ask questions

Jesus didn’t waste time with stupid questions but rather on what you should know

(When reading his thoughts about answering questions with questions, please consider that answering questions with questions was a foundational piece of Talmudic scholarship. Jesus was actually answering their questions and not responding was a sign of concession.)

Jesus pointed to the heart

Jesus tested his disciples

Jesus used practical object lessons

Jesus brought the disciples out of their comfort zone

Jesus sends his disciples ahead of him & prays for his disciples

Jesus points the disciples to the Father

Jesus points the disciples to the power of the Holy Spirit

Jesus dies for his disciples

Jesus equipped his disciples

Jesus’ teaching methods


Jesus is the great teacher. He used object lessons two millennia before any megachurch pastor drove a tank on to a stage. He preached in such a way that thousands traveled for days to hear his words. He prayed with a fervor that no one has experienced yet. Jesus is the model for our discipling. We must look to him, learn from him, and seek to be like him in our ministry.

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