Old Lessons for New Leaders: Discipline v. Freedom

Discipline always seems like a heavy word. It bears weight, responsibility, and even stress.

Freedom seems so much easier to even say. It brings feelings of openness, choice, and relief.

The truth is one, that starting at Discipline can lead to Freedom, but starting at Freedom leads you far, far away.  Let me explain….

Discipline leads to Freedom

When executed correctly, discipline in your life will create so much freedom in your life. A disciplined budget leads to the freedom to purchase. A disciplined learner obtains the freedom of an education. A disciplined diet leads to the freedom of dessert.

Freedom rarely leads to Freedom, but much more often leads to Chaos.

Freedom is like quenching your thirst from a fire hydrant…after an attempt to quench your thirst you probably won’t be thirsty, or dry. In fact you might be bruised about the face or even knocked unconscious!

A person living freedom in their finances, ultimately becomes a slave to debt. A freedom in your education usually leads to no tangible learned lessons. A freedom in your diet usually leads to diabetes.

So I write today to tell you. Don’t fear discipline, it may be the best path to freedom.

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