My Beautiful and Amazing Wife

I just wanted to take a moment this morning and Praise God for my Beautiful Wife.

She is so amazing in so many ways. It is obvious that she is amazingly beautiful. She is an amazing mom. She is an amazing friend to others. Her humor is amazingly funny. She is getting more & more amazing at Catan. But most of all…she is an amazing wife.

I am so blessed to have her in my life.

If you know Ashleigh and you agree that she is amazing, would you do me a favor and tell her something that you love about her?!

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3 responses to “My Beautiful and Amazing Wife

  1. Meme

    Ashleigh, you have amazing energy that I wish I could have. You take great care of John and the little ones. And there is always chocolate and coffee in your house. That makes you no.#1 on my list.

    Love Mom#2,

  2. I always feel like when you post about each other that either you are in the middle of a huge fight and this is how you say, “I’m sorry.” Or that one of you is about to announce you’re dying.

    Stop scaring me like that.

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