Educators Needed

I thought you might like to see this video.  A friend of mine, David Montague, is working for the Memphis Teacher Residency (MTR).

The MTR believes urban education is the single greatest social justice issue in America today.  The MTR is working to close the education gap in Memphis by recruiting, training and supporting outstanding teachers, all within a Christian context.

They hire future teachers for a 12-month teacher residency.  During the year, these residents earn a Masters in Urban Education and spend an entire year, four days per week, working in a high-needs school under a master teacher.  The MTR pays the residents a stipend and provides housing and tuition for the masters.  In return, the residents commit to teaching in Memphis for three years following the training.

You do not have to be an education major, and they train both elementary and secondary teachers.

The application deadline for their next Residency Class is March 7, and the residency begins on May 25.  Feel free to call David at 901-937-4680 or email him at if you have any questions. You can get more information at

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