Techno-Tuesday:’s Biggest Competition went all subscription based 3 months ago, but they only have had 35 takers!

Their new website cost over $4 million to have designed (And being honest, I don’t even like it. I prefer my news on white.) Anyways, the $9000 they have made so far off their $5 per week fee is not going to cover the cost of the site, or the writers, or even the light bill!

So here is my question…if people paid for papers for centuries, why are they choosing not to pay now? Business websites are doing well with subscriptions, but your news sites are not making it, as is showing us.

My guess is’s biggest competition is all the other news sites that are too scared to take the plunge, but are losing millions every year.  But even if all the news sites went subscription based, would people just stop checking out the news? Would blogs subscriptions and twitter meet all your news needs?

Well as the on-line news world tries to predict the future, someone needs to take the publisher of Terry Jimenez out for a drink today.


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2 responses to “Techno-Tuesday:’s Biggest Competition

  1. What makes this interesting to me is that news is worth paying for. But not if you can get it for free. Since Google and most other news sites are free, the website would have to have something very specific for me to pay for it. For example.. the news that the New York Times is going to go subscription.

    Side note: Did you see that it cost the NYT twice the price of a Kindle to print each subscription and would be cheaper to just send every subscriber a kindle.

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