How future ready is your organization?

Mac Lake shares 10 ideas to Future Ready your organization:

  1. Put some of your sharp young leaders at the decision making table.
  2. Give young leaders the opportunity to expand their leadership competency by letting them lead a key project.
  3. Give young leaders greater visibility in front of the organization.
  4. As an executive leader give some of your young leaders some of your credibility by publically pointing our their potential and value they bring to the organization.
  5. Give your young leaders opportunities to watch you make difficult decisions.  Discuss the why’s and how’s of those decisions with them.
  6. Make sure older and more experienced leaders are investing in your younger leaders.   Make it an expectation in your corporate culture.
  7. Put dollars toward the development of the young leaders in your organization exposing them to some of the best training and best experiences.
  8. Challenge your young leaders to start reproducing themselves.  They need to develop this discipline early.
  9. Create an atmosphere where young leaders are allowed to fail. Sometimes we don’t see their potential because they’re afraid to take risks. It’s up to us to create a culture where leaders aren’t afraid of failure.
  10. Establish a culture of leadership development (by doing the things listed above)  Check out previous post onFoundations for Building a Leadership Development culture CLICK HERE.

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