Midnight in Uganda

Right now it is midnight in Uganda and a 20 year-old mother of 14 is hopefully sleeping well. The 15 of them will wake up about the time we eat dinner tonight and celebrate Christmas.

Unknowingly, this family on the other side of the world has given me a a great Christmas gift…a blog which is a collection of their stories over the past two years. How they became a family, how they function day to day, and how they live on faith.

I have learned so much, been challenged so deeply, and been encouraged to love my Lord even more because of them.

Ashleigh introduced me to Katie’s Blog a few months ago, but last night I went back and started reading from the beginning. Ashleigh and I were just so deeply moved and inspired by her stories and the deep wisdom that comes from such a sweet and passionate young lady.

You have got to read KissesFromKatie.  It will truly bless, and challenge, your soul!

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