Homeless in Memphis

Robert Warren, 52, hugs Memphis Police Lt. Felix Calvi after he called for pastor Christopher Coates (right) of Lighthouse Mission Ministries to take Warren to a shelter. Warren, who has been living on the streets for 10 years, said, “Anything beats being out in this cold.”

Shelby County inmates clean up a homeless encampment on Crump under the I-240 overpass.

A homeless man gathers his belongings from a niche outside the old police station at Second and Adams in Downtown Memphis after being awakened by police Wednesday. The man was one of many who declined help from the officers, who are trying to connect the homeless with aid organizations, and wandered on his way down Second.

The Commercial Appeal has an article on-line today about the Homeless in Memphis. The City of Memphis is doing what they unofficially call “sweeps”. They don’t like that term because it seems harsh, but the city has a responsibility to keep the city safe and welcoming.

There have been some out cry that the city is treating the homeless wrong by not letting them be, but here is what I think….we can’t ask the City to have the convictions of the Church. The Church should, and by church I mean each Christian, the church should step out and love each of these individuals.

No church in town has the resources to take care of all 10,000 homeless in Memphis, but there are 2,000 churches. Couldn’t we all take on at least 5?

What ideas do you all have? How could we better engage and love the homeless?

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