Limited Leadership

The Barna Group just released a report that examines the state of mainline Protestant churches.

Here is one very interesting find….

  • Only 12% of Senior Pastors would say they have the Spiritual Gift of Leadership.
  • 93% of those same Senior Pastors say they are the leaders of their congregations.

Our churches are being led by teachers and counselors, who are so very deeply needed by the church, but it places those pastors in positions that are outside of their gifting.

I am a BIG advocate of Team Leadership. I can’t be everything, nor should I be expected to. Pastors should lean heavily into a team leadership model that allows person to thrive in their own gift mix.

Get this one extra tidbit, of those same pastors surveyed above, the average stay for a Senior Pastor is only four years. I would bet the farm that average would be at least double if they got to work out of their gift mix.

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