Techno-Tuesday: What Are You Searching For?

Yahoo announces the top ten searches of 2009, with a twelfth of the year remaining.

Michael Jackson tops their list.

So Michael Jackson is number one, but you might be surprised with the other nine.

Of course you will find women again on the list, but at 4, 5, and 8.  (For some reason people still care about Britney Spears. Obviously the person selecting her photo for this Yahoo story doesn’t.)

A fake sport is a surprise at number 3.

American Idol made the top ten and so did a cartoon I had never heard of as well as a foreign video game.

What was surprising to me was that NASCAR was at #9!  That sport is even more powerful than I think.

Most interesting and unexpected, until I saw it, was the #2 spot….I bet my wife and all her married with children friends can guess it.   Go Here to confirm your assumptions.

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