Pray for Matt Chandler

On this Thanksgiving Day, my life was quite perfect. I was reading a book in one chair, my wife was surfing the internet in another. Our kids were all peacefully asleep and my fantasy football quarterback was destroying the Detroit Lions on HD television.

We were in the middle of day 2 of a 4 day holiday vacation in my home town about to have a ridiculous dinner with my family…then Ashleigh asked me a question, “Did Matt have a seizure?”

While my day was going quite perfect, our dear friends the Chandlers were experiencing a much different day. I made a few phone calls and got all the details, but it was still hard to comprehend.

Last Thursday morning, Matt Chandler had a seizure in his home. He went to the hospital and they found a large mass on his frontal brain lobe. The doctors let him come home, but have scheduled him a visit today to start some real work on figuring out the extent of the issue.

Matt is an antsy guy. He loves preaching and being with his church, so I am sure this weekend was especially hard with the doctors orders of staying home to rest. The only thing to think about is what might be.

But all I have heard so far is that Matt and his family are leaning hard into our Lord. Their hopes in Him are high.

Today they visit the docotor….Tomorrow they are asking the body to fast and pray Wednesday and join them Wednesday night at one of their campuses.

Join me and my family in praying for the Chandler family. I can’t imagine what they are going through, but I know that it very easily could have been the Carrolls being the ones with their perfect days wrecked last week. So I praise God for our health, but I will not stop begging Him for the Chandlers health as well.

Here is Lauren Chandler’s blog. Her recent posts are touching and inspiring.

Here is one of my favorite sermon clips from Matt….

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One response to “Pray for Matt Chandler

  1. Terry Robbins

    Hey John, I too was sitting in a chair, watching the game at my mothers house when I causally checked twitter and saw an update about the seizure. To me this is absolutely crazy, and my family and I haven’t stopped talking or praying about it. I will be at the Highland Village campus tomorrow night praying for Matt, Lauren, and their babies. The Sovereignty of God is our resting place, all souls are in His merciful hands. Our God is mighty to save!

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