Introducing MAY BOOKS

Friends, Family, and Blog Followers….let me officially introduce to you MAY BOOKS.

MAY BOOKS are awesome journals that are not boring, dumb, or ugly.

MAY BOOKS was born from a husband and wife team in Dallas. He is all about function and she has to have a little bit of whimsy. With Mica’s creativity and Jonathan’s practicality, function and design coexist and together they produce some pretty cool books.

Here are some examples:

Picture 3Picture 4

Picture 6

There are dozens of designs and they do all the letters of the alphabet too:

Picture 2

Did I mention that these MAY BOOKS are also GREEN? Sewn Binding and Canvas Covers!

Go check out the site and snag you a journal.

Great custom options for your business events too!

“Life is too short for ugly notebooks.” – Mica May

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