Techno-Tuesday: A Reason For Twitter

I didn’t understand Twitter till April of 2009. Until then I thought it very narcisstic and silly.

But now that I actually use it, I have found Twitter to be quite useful for communicating and learning.

Here is an image that helps you understand the power Twitter has for breaking news.

For those of us using Twitter, it’s no secret that it has challenged mainstream news media when it comes to breaking news. Exactly how far behind do television and newspapers lag? About two hours and 8 hours, respectively, according to this chart.

Picture 20

Notice how the illustration shows that witnesses actually have the option to spread the news faster than news mediums can, but also how it illustrates how news mediums are searching Twitter for news. I got this image here.

People use to go looking for the news, but now…the news seems to find them.

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