The Biggest Loser

The Biggest Loser competition has begun.

There are 9 of us competing. We are competing against each other for a cash prize and we are competing against ourselves for our health.

The competition will run from August 18th to December 15th. That is 119 days!

We are going to weigh in every two weeks and as an incentive to continue to lose weight, if you gain weight between weigh-ins, you have to pay $5 per pound to the person who lost the most that week.

The grand prize is $945 and the second prize is $405.   Other than that…you are rewarded with good health.

Here is my competition:

  • Mark Ottinger
  • Hamp Holcomb
  • Mark Horrocks
  • John Bryson
  • Richard Elizondo
  • Damon Conley
  • Wilson Barton
  • Ricky Jenkins

If you see any of these men please offer them donuts, fried chicken, ice cream, or something. Even buy them fattening food and if they eat I will pay you back.


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