Things Are Better

When it comes to crime, people rarely report the good news, and I don’t want to fall in that habit.

Check out how much crime is down in Uptown this year:

Year to date: 1/1/2009 to 6/30/2009

Aggravated Assaults:                -47.4%

Auto Thefts:                               -22.2%

Residential Burglaries:                -67.1

Larcenies:                                 -55.6%

Robbery / Individuals:                 -58.3%

Total Part One Crimes:               -55.5%

And for June specifically:

Month to date: 6/1/2009 to 6/30/2009

Aggravated Assaults:       -66.7%

Auto Thefts:                          -66.7%

Residential Burglaries:    -92.6%

Larcenies:                               -76.5%

Robbery / Individuals: +100 (1 robbery for the month)

Total Part One Crimes:     -81.0%

Way to go Memphis Police…thanks for your hard work!

When is the last time you personally thanked a police officer or a fireman?

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One response to “Things Are Better

  1. Carrolls~
    Thanks for posting this! So many times we only hear the bad stuff!
    Yay Uptown! Yay Memphis!

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