Rewarding Excellence

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Usain Bolt “shattered” the 100 meter world record this time last year and left 7 other men behind. I remember watching this moment live and I was just floored, amazed, and shocked by how fast he ran. He ran with absolute excellence.

These other men are excellent at what they do. Out of nearly 7 Billion people in this world, these are the 8 fastest.  They work their entire lives and sacrifice time and show amazing amounts of discipline to be on this stage, but yet they are deemed losers.

This reward system is so Greek. One winner, everyone else is a loser. Unfortunately this mind set seeps into our lives in all sorts of ways…including the church.

As a church leader I can’t look at those I worship with like a competition and hang a Gold medal around the neck of the best Christian. We have to recognize the effort in all of our people and celebrate all those who exhibit excellence while giving all the glory to God.

On top of that, as the body of Christ, we have to look at this as a mutual deal. If one of us is succeeding, we all succeed…and if one is failing, we are all failing.

Greeks compete against one another, but Christians should contend for each other.

As an added bonus…I can’t talk about the Olympics with out sharing this…hear Jerry Seinfeld talk about the ridiculousness of calling number 2 losers:

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