7 Billion by 2011

The latest projections have the world’s population above 7 Billion by 2011. Most of this growth is happening in developing and/or very poor countries.

Population growth in poorer regions of the world will demand that we live in such a way that we can strategically help others survive and live healthy life styles.

Get this…8 of 10 youth in the world live in Africa or Asia right now.

Uganda has 34 million people now and Canada has 31 million. Based on growth projections, in 2050 Canada will have 42 million people and Uganda will be the home to over 96 million people.

Us Americans are not alone in the world.  We have to start living with the other 90+% of the world in mind.

Full story on CNN

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One response to “7 Billion by 2011

  1. It is hard to fathom what 7 billion people means. How much does the world population increase in a day? A week? A month? A year?

    Read this, it will just blow you away. It is posed as a ‘challenge’ but the solution is posted at the bottom:


    Then think of the resources that need to be made available to provide basic needs.

    Jeff Goldstein
    Center Director
    National Center for Earth and Space Science Education

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