Bill Hybels on Church Diversity

“It is clear that the early church was racially diverse. Racial harmony within the churches was one of the things that astounded the Roman world and caused the rapid acceptance of the church (see Rodney Stark, The Rise of Christianity). Recently, Bill Hybels said that if he had Willow Creek to do over-again, he would have built his church on diversity. I even asked him, point blank, if he would do it even if it meant reaching half as many people. Without hesitating he said, “Absolutely. The larger, corporate witness of the church is more important than a temporary numbers surge for one congregation.”

I would love the challenge of leading something large like Willow, but it is cool to hear Hybels point of view.

Thanks JB for sharing that.


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2 responses to “Bill Hybels on Church Diversity

  1. Andrew

    That’s interesting. I’ve heard my pastor say the same thing.

  2. Yehuda Lyon

    Depends on how early of a church you are talking about. There were Messianic Synagogues until the 4th century c.e. with the majority of the congregants being Jewish Believers. (The label, “christian” wasn’t used yet). Constantine changed all that when he made it a state religion. The bible is a Jewish book, written by Jews and is about a Jewish Messiah. Thousands of Jews became Believers in Yeshua and were the foundation of the early church. Praise God for the diversity that followed and that we Gentiles are grafted into the Jewish olive tree!!

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