Memphis Mystery Tours

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Has anyone done a Memphis Mystery Tour?

$65 is a little steep for me, especially since I would likely take the wife, so $130 for the couple, but it sounds like a fun thing to have in Memphis.

Here is how it works….

Rules of Play


You will become an informant. Your task is to solve a meticulously crafted plot. Equipped with a small piece of information and aided by cast members throughout the assignment you will laugh your way to a closed case.


Please wear comfortable walking shoes. If you’d rather have fashion over function, you’ll be sorry. Please bring valid ID and confirmation number to confirm proof of purchase.

Game Play:

You will receive a phone call 1 to 2 days before your scheduled show letting you in on your starting location. Your case will start promptly on time so do not be late. A detective will meet you and give you your task. Your team will then begin to accumulate the evidence needed to solve the case. Watch out for shady characters. Who’s in on it? Who’s not? Each tour is a unique adventure. Memphis Mystery Tours will make you laugh, think, and experience the city in a whole new way.

Anybody interested?


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3 responses to “Memphis Mystery Tours

  1. Sherry Holland

    Mr. Caroll,
    I would love to talk with you about Memphis Mystery Tours. Please give me a call at 901-619-2145.

    Sherry Holland
    Memphis Mystery Tours, Inc.

  2. did you ever contact sherry? are you on the tour right now? did you wake up in mexico left for dead and all you got was a silly t-shirt?

    details, details. I’m still interested.

    • I have talked to Sherry. She is really nice.

      She has offered me an opportunity to join in a tour sometime, but our schedules have not aligned.

      I am looking forward to participating in one of these soon.

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