210 Sundays

I have been attending weekly worship services at Crichton for 210 weeks. Four years and a little bit of change. My first Sunday there was Fellowship’s first as well, one service,200 adults, and a few dozen kids. Today we had three services,over a 1000 adults, and nearly 200 kids.

I have been the campus director there for such a long time that I know that place better than all our staff and probably as well as anyone on the Crichton staff minus the maintenance guys.

Today I walked out of the east doors with my son JAC a few minutes before the third service ended, got in our Tahoe and made the 8 mile Sunday drive home for the last time.

Next week I will again be with a small group of Fellowship people, organizing one service, but this time`I will make a 15 block drive home from Downtown Elementary School.

I am very excited, I am a little anxious, but most of all I am honored to be asked to lead this.

6 Days, 20 hours, and 23 minutes till we launch. Let’s do it.

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  1. Rosanne Elmore

    i am at 157 weeks

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