Becoming a Pastor = Learning to Unicycle

Seth Godin wrote about the learning curve on his blog today. He used the specific example of learning to ride a unicycle.

Unicycle Curve

Read what Seth wrote:

The reason riding a unicyce is difficult…is because it’s sudden.

All the time you’re practicing, you aren’t actually riding. You’re falling. Then, if you don’t give up after all this failure, in a blink, you’re riding. No in-between. Failing…riding.

This is exactly why I did the Residency at Fellowship, because pastoring is like riding a unicycle.  I didn’t want to just try and pastor and fail over and over again. I didn’t want to learn to ride the unicycle by myself. I wanted coaches, trainers, men speaking to me from experience, men willing to come along side me and keep me from falling.

Read how Seth suggests you teach your kids to ride a bike:

Here’s a great parenting tip: the best way to teach your kid to ride a bicycle is to wear Rollerblades. I can teach just about any 7 year old to ride a bike in ten minutes using this technique. The reason? For ten minutes, they are riding the bike while I hold them up. Once they get over the speed and steering hump, it’s easy. The hard part was the falling.

That is much of what my last three years have been like. Learning to pastor with other pastors on rollerblades helping me learn, without a ton of falling.

Two questions….

1. What learning curve in your life could be drastically changed by some rollerbladers?

2. Do you want to hear more about our Residency Program?

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  1. Do you have to have already gone through seminary or planning on going through seminary?

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