Life & Death As We Know It

Picture 1

Above is a photo from Italy. That is not a real man in the pool, this scene is actually part of an art exhibit in Italy right now.

What is crazy is how real this image is though.

So many people in this world are drowning in the midst of life (or have already drowned) and the rest of us simply watching, if that.

Look at these people watching, eating, texting, checking out the smoothness of her own leg, looking away, or just simply disengaged.

There are people drowning all around us in life. They can’t swim in their current pool of life – lust, greed, slothfulness, doubt, worry, narcissism, insecurity.

What are we going to do? Do we pray?  Do we throw them a rope?  Do we jump in and help them get out? Do we yell at them some swim lessons? Do we sit by and watch? Do we just sit by?

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