Events in 6 Steps

I do a lot of events. Been doing it socially since I was a kid, all through out college, and now professionally for a decade.  Every job I have had has asked me to pull off events from small meetings to large extravaganzas.

Here are our SIX STEPS to Events:

  1. DREAM – What does God want us to do?
  2. PLAN – How does God want us to do it?
  3. PREPARE – Get ready to do it.
  4. EXECUTE – Do it.
  5. CELEBRATE – Mark the moment.
  6. DEBRIEF – Learn from the process.

I am going to do a blog post on each step of the process.  Follow along and learn how we do it. Also, please comment about and share your ideas and processes.  Questions are welcomed. I will try to answer them, but feel free to treat them as a pop fly.  Anyone is welcomed to share thoughts on all questions.

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