Joshua Jones Carroll

Picture 1

Today at 9:30am CST a judge will officially declare Jones as a Carroll.

Bethany, our adoption agency, has a 6 month period from the time we take physical custody till they will surrender their legal custody to us.  It is for the safety of the child, to make sure the adoptive parents are not psycho or something.

Our 6 month waiting period is up and today Jones legally becomes what he has already been since the day he was born…


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5 responses to “Joshua Jones Carroll

  1. Beautiful! 🙂 Very happy for you guys!

  2. dad

    Officially today yet my grandson since the moment you guys brought him home. You and Ashleigh are wonderful parents.

  3. Meme

    YEA Jones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Jes

    SO glad I got to be there!!!! The Carrolls are so fun! Can’t wait to watch Jones really make his mark! lovelove

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