It’s All Legal & Official

Jones is legally a Carroll.  A title he has carried since birth and one I will work hard every day to make him proud to have.

Picture 5

Picture 4

Picture 3

Picture 2

Picture 1

Picture 6


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5 responses to “It’s All Legal & Official

  1. That’s fabulous. Congratulations!

  2. Aidan

    Yay! Congratulations!

    Jones is thinking, “What the heck is this guy wearing a yellow polka dot bow tie for?!”

  3. Meme

    Great pictures. Look like everyone was so excited. As should be.

    Love Mom,

  4. Debbie

    Is that judge for real??? Even Jones at 7 months old knows polka dotted bow ties are not exactly “in”. Congratulations to all! He sure is a sweet addition to our family.

  5. I am so excited!!!!! I love these pictures!!! So great!!!!

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