Calling 911

Yesterday I had to call 911.


A neighbor of mine had a seizure during our Fellowship Downtown party. It was a surreal experience indeed.

The people in our church though really handled the situation very well. Caring for her, caring for her kids that were at the party as well, and praying for her and her health.

The Memphis Fire Department showed up in an ambulance relatively quickly and did a good job as well.

I am have left a message with her family to see how she is doing but I have not hear back.

Still, I would rather not be in situations were I need to call 911.


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2 responses to “Calling 911

  1. Thanks for taking good care of our friend Brenda – she is actually a part of our house church and it turns out she had a minor stroke. She seems to be doing well today, but is still in the Med.

    Also, glad to see you’ve been talking to Ron & Ann Cook! Did you get to see them while they were in town this week?

  2. Meme

    But you were and good job!

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