Mobile Notary

Ashleigh and I are finalizing some paperwork for Jones adoption, which Lord willing, will take place on June 22nd.  Tonight we had to get some papers notarized.

Well trying to get out to a place with a notary after 5pm with three kids is difficult. It is difficult enough staying in with three kids. On top of that, I called Fedex Offic and PakMail and both had recently decided to discontinue offering a notary service.

That is when I saw the add for Mobile Notary on my iPhone.

I called up Dorothy Johnson and she sounded really sweet. I told her what we needed and she said she could be come by tonight….and she did.

Picture 1

She was super convenient, really nice, and I thought we got a deal for not leaving the home. $5 per notarized document and $5 for travel fee. $15 total is a steal when the kids can be in bed on time. She was in and out in 10 minutes.

I would totally recommend her for your notarizing needs.

Dorothy Johnson – 901-275-4079 –


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2 responses to “Mobile Notary

  1. Great post! We love it when customer’s are this happy too.

  2. cayce

    like the pic in the back ground 🙂

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