Adopt A Puppy

Friday morning on the way to work I saw a puppy running around on the middle of Jackson Ave in Midtown. I come home on that same road and I didn’t want to see him run over on my way home so I thought I would save him.

Picture 9

I took him to the veterinary clinic on Walnut Grove and they cleaned him up. Removed about 30 ticks and give him his first round of shots.

Picture 10

They say he is mostly Labrador with some German Shepherd. He is about 10 or 12 weeks old and will grow up to be a medium sized dog about 50 pounds.

Picture 11

I am not a dog guy, but this little dude is so sweet and fun. If our family was ready for a dog, then we would totally keep him. But we travel too much right now and the kids are not old enough to be able to take care of him.

Picture 12

So he needs a good home. He has been really great. Has only used the bathroom outside. Slept in our bedroom two nights in a row with barely a peep.

He is ready for home. Anybody interested?

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