The 4x4x4 Challenge

Okay, here is a challenge open to everyone. I am calling it 4x4x4.

The 4 Gospels

Read 4 Times

In 4 Weeks

It sounds simple, maybe even trivial, but if we are really going to be like Jesus, we have to know him. This challenge won’t bring us to a complete knowledge of Jesus, but completing this challenge will get us closer to really knowing him for sure.

The thought would be to get in the Gospels everyday. If you have to read 12 to 13 chapters a day to complete the challenge. It will be easy to think you can just catch up if you miss a day or two, and even easier to give up when you have 60 or 70 chapters to catch up on.

Let’s go for it. Let’s get to know Jesus even better. Or maybe for some of you, simply get to know him.

The 4x4x4 Challenge = The 4 Gospels + Read 4 Times + In 4 Weeks

I am starting June 1st.  Anybody with me?

Optional Reading Schedule:

  • Monday – Matthew 1 to Matthew 12
  • Tuesday – Matthew 13 to Matthew 25
  • Wednesday – Matthew 26 to Mark 9
  • Thursday – Mark 10 to Luke 6
  • Friday – Luke 7 to Luke 19
  • Saturday – Luke 20 to John 8
  • Sunday – John 9 to John 22

The 4x4x4 Challenge = The 4 Gospels + Read 4 Times + In 4 Weeks


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11 responses to “The 4x4x4 Challenge

  1. heatherltrotter

    I accept your challenge and I will pass this along. This is good!!!!

  2. Torres

    I am defintly in!! Starting on June 1st is my first day at camp so itshould be perfect timing for me to go through the gospels the entire week at camp. I hope that God blesses us with knowing Jesus better!

  3. Count me in. Is this like the P90X of Bible study?

  4. Just wanted to document my commitment! I’m IN!!!

  5. Kevin Furniss

    Dude this is intense and I like it…I am in as well!

  6. Jon

    count me in, bro. at first glance i thought you were crazy. actually, i just didn’t want to commit to something i couldn’t do. but it’s right where i am right now. i’m gonna try reading francis chan style – like someone who does not know Jesus. then look at my life and see if i’m living this out.

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  8. Cedric

    I’m on it…! Starting today.

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