Easy Quotes from Kindle

On my Kindle I can highlight whatever I like and then that quote is stored on-line. It makes it easy to reference, share, etc.

Here is my favorite quote from Under the Overpass which I recently reviewed:

Christ cared a lot about the simple dignities. He stopped to talk to lepers, and touch them with healing (Luke 5:13). He prepared meals for strangers. He rescued outcasts. He wept with those who wept. Of course, the issue isn’t completely defined by our response. The consequences of substance abuse, poverty, and irresponsibility have left countless men and women on our streets without a single outward shred of dignity. But Christ is not deterred by that. As C. S. Lewis wrote: “Christ died for men precisely because men are not worth dying for: to make them worth it.” To me, one of the best things about the gospel is that Jesus Christ proclaims and restores human and eternal worth for everyone who believes-regardless of what a person might look or smell like now, no matter what’s crawling through his hair. And because we follow this Christ, each of us has both the ability and the responsibility (“response-ability”) to do the same.

Easily copied, pasted, and shared because of the Kindle. (Too bad living this out is not quite as easy.)

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