Book Review: Under The Overpass

I read Under the Overpass this week and here are some thoughts:

Picture 3Released: Mar 2005

Author: Mike Yankowski

How to Read: 6 Major Parts to the book plus a conclusion. Can be done in 6 easy reading sessions. It keeps you interested so you won’t want to stop reading it, but it is easy to leave and come back to because each section stands alone.

Cost: $9.40 + shipping on Amazon / $9.40 for Kindle


This book was really good. It is basically the story of a college student who decides to live on the streets of America for 5 months.

The story takes you through his thought process of deciding to do the trip  & then through 5 different cities through out the country.

You basically get a front row seat as Mike and his friend Sam experience hunger, being ignored, the gracious gifts of strangers, making friends with the homeless, and sleeping in all types of conditions.

Mike sprinkles in reality to our actions and inactions when it comes to loving the homeless in our country.

Verdict: This is a great read for those in the urban communities, helping you get a deeper understanding of those in your community that are homeless. And this is an important read for those living in the suburbs of our cities. The homeless are not frequently seen and without that visual reminder, they are forgotten.

Comment for the Author: Thanks Mike for embarking on this journey and sharing with all of us the reality of the homeless lifestyle. We work daily in this community in Downtown Memphis. Your book has been a blessing to us as we seek to love others.

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One response to “Book Review: Under The Overpass

  1. Shannon Stewart

    Jon and I both read this book 2 years ago (during Lent we gave up tv and read about 30 books between the 2 of us) It was this book (along with LOTS of others) that spurred us to start asking the hard question of what can we do to help the homeless in our community. We both really liked it. Honestly, I wish I had done something outside the box like Mike when I was in college.

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