Angel & Walter Update: New Opportunity to Help

You guys are so amazing!

We got everything covered today. The bus tickets, the hotel room, the phone minutes, new clothes, spending money, everything.

Picture 5

Today was really fun. Thanks for allowing Ashleigh and I to be able to provide for them.

Please be praying for Angel & Walter. They are about to hit a new city, New Orleans, and they need to find a church community, jobs, place to live, etc.

So here is my wish….what if through our connections (facebook, twitter, whatever), what if there was a person, or a crew of people, there at the bus station to greet Angel & Walter?

What if they were welcomed by the body of Christ and helped as they settle in?

I don’t know anyone in New Orleans, but wouldn’t that be amazing?

Their bus arrives at 6:25pm. Here is a map to the New Orleans station.

Anybody interested in helping pull this off?


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3 responses to “Angel & Walter Update: New Opportunity to Help

  1. Jen

    Hey John,

    I facebook’d (that’s most definitely not a word) some college friends that still do YoungLife in New Orleans. I sent them a link to your blog. I’ll let you know if I hear back! Such a neat story!

    • Rebekah

      jen —

      who do you know that does YL in NOLA? I pretty much know all those folks. I am working with John on getting in touch with Angel and Walter and helping them. Maybe I can work with the YL folks.

  2. Rebekah

    jen —

    who are you YL connections here? I know everyone that does YL in New Orleans. I have already emailed John about helping them, but maybe I can team up with the YL folks you already contacted.

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