The Angel & Walter Fund

Just hung out over lunch with Angel & Walter. They are such sweet people.

If you have not already read the story about me meeting them, please do. And you can watch the video of her singing.

It has been so encouraging to hear from so many of you via comments, texts, and twitter. Rick Trotter’s story he posted in the comments is just amazing too.

Here is the situation…I want to help them.  They are trying to get to New Orleans and start a life there. They were told that they could likely find jobs there helping with home construction. Walter has been in construction before and Angel wants to work cleaning up job sites. The word they have heard is that workers are provided housing and a little pay.

Picture 1

Angel & Walter wish to get off the streets and with just a little from a few of us, their wish can come true.

Here is what we need:

Two Bus Tickets to New Orleans: First bus leaves at 8am Thursday morning. I can snag them two non refundable tickets for $132.

Picture 2

Hotel Room for Tonight: They need a place to stay tonight and just like the Good Samaritan, I would like to put them up at an Inn. I am going to try to Priceline a room Downtown for $60.

Traveling Money: I would love to give them $40 or so to get them started in New Orleans.

Clothes & Minutes: I am taking them shopping for some new shoes and an out fit this afternoon. They also need some more minutes for their prepaid AT&T phone. – $70

Okay, so here is our total:

  • Bus – $132
  • Hotel – $60
  • Seed $ – $40
  • Supplies – $70
  • Total – $302

All they have asked for is a chance to earn money for bus fare, but I think these other things would really take care of them and show them our love.

I will tell more stories on here soon about what they have experienced living on the streets. Just last night they were awoken by rats eating the left over pizza they had right next to them and a group of 15+ men yelling at them in the middle of the night trying to pick on them. Walter thinks they were just drunk and bored, but Angel said they really scared her.

Who is with us? Either financially and/or prayerfully?

Angel & Walter Fund

I would love to tell them that we got everything covered when they come over for dinner tonight. How cool to help them start their new life in New Orleans. Thanks in advance for your help.


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4 responses to “The Angel & Walter Fund

  1. done & just tweeted…hope that helps! thx for starting something…

  2. Good work here. Please update comments when you reach the goal.

  3. i just donated & tweeted about it too! keep us updated!!

  4. dub

    Just donated. Keep up the good work.

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