Techno-Tuesday: Twitter


I made the leap. About two weeks ago I signed up for twitter….and I have to admit, I like it.

It definitely can be all the things that I was worried about, but the potential good out weighs the bad…greatly.

The big tipping point for me was when I was in Austin and I was discussing twitter with my friend Stew. He said, “Facebook is for connecting with your friends from the past, your old friends. Twitter is for connecting with new friends.”

The whole paradigm shifted for me with that. I honestly wasn’t wanting to follow my old friends on twitter, Facebook seemed like enough. I didn’t want to connect with my current friends on twitter, we see each other, hang out, call, etc. But for connecting with new people, networking, and being connected to conversations I would enjoy, that put me over the edge.

Two weeks in, I am using Tweetdeck on my computer and using Tweetie on my iPhone. Great applications.

I have already connected with some people in my profession that I would have never been able to meet other wise. I am also getting to share what we are doing at Fellowship with church leaders and people around the country, hopefully sharing with them helpful ideas and resources for their communities.

So, as a commenter said earlier this year on my blog, “Come on over, the water’s fine.”

Picture 1

Find me on Twitter or Sign-up for Twitter.


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2 responses to “Techno-Tuesday: Twitter

  1. whitech

    whatz up.I just want to say hello to you.I really like your blog with the photograph of your kids.Keep it up.

  2. Welcome to twitter! We can be found at @ecomemphis. Twitter is usually a very helpful tool – as you mention to connect with peers, find new people in your area, stay in tune with current activities, and more. You can check out the MemphisConnect site for an abbreviated list of fellow Memphians on Twitter. See you out there!

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