Angel Sings in Memphis

Just told the story of meeting Angel and Walter, but I have to share this video as well.

In my first conversation with Angel and Walter, Angel told me that she liked to sing and asked if she could sing for me. About 30 seconds into her singing I asked if I could record her singing and share it on-line. She told me sure because she was already on YouTube and would love to be on there again.

This is Angel, with Walter, singing to me and JAC:


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5 responses to “Angel Sings in Memphis

  1. Jen

    wow… so neat.

  2. I will be interested to see how this goes. Please post a comment here, so that I can know when you reach your goal.

  3. Rosanne Elmore

    i saw her at the mission night singing and i filmed her a few times because she made me smile!

  4. heatherltrotter

    …even I have hope!

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