An Extra Pizza Led Me to an Angel

Tonight I stumbled upon an opportunity….I called Papa John’s to order two one topping pizzas. They wanted $12.99 for each of them, $24.98 total.

So I asked them if there was a special price per pizza if I bought more. She said if I bought three, they would be $7 each. Three pizzas for $21.


Now there is no way we, our family, could eat three large pizzas, but I thought “Heck, its free!” So i got three pizzas and decided to give it away to the first homeless person I saw.

As I was driving home JAC and I were scanning the streets for someone to gift a pizza to, but it was weird. We couldn’t find anyone. Then I remembered….everyone was at the Tent Crusade at the Memphis Union Mission. I thought I wasn’t going to be able to find anyone, then I saw a couple by a statue while sitting at a red light.

JAC and I went over there and asked if they wanted a pizza and they did and they ended up being the sweetest, nicest people I have met in a while.

Angel & Walter from Seattle on their way to New Orleans. They had just arrived at 12:30am Monday morning on a Greyhound. They spent a day on the streets and ended up coming to the Crusade last night, hearing our worship band and Angel rededicated her life at the end of Ricky’s message!

They spent all day trying to find work to raise money for bus tickets to New Orleans, but no luck. They hadn’t eaten all day and were turned away from several different churches.

I can’t tell you how good our conversations were today. We hung out for a while when I gave them the pizza. they asked for a blanket so I headed home, ate with my family and went back out there with a blanket.

Again, amazing conversation and a really sweet time of prayer. And then I did something I had never done before….Angel and Walter asked me to tuck them in.

If you have never tucked in a homeless person on a sidewalk, you know it is such a real moment. A memory I will never forget. So sobering.

Angel asked me to take a picture of them so I did:

Picture 1

Who would have thought that choosing to order an extra pizza would lead me to meet an Angel….and a Walter.


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10 responses to “An Extra Pizza Led Me to an Angel

  1. Betsy Mc

    Wow John! Thanks for sharing! What an amazing picture of walking and obeying the Spirit.

  2. wow…cool story, John!

  3. Jen

    Such a neat story John! That’s awesome!

  4. I remember looking in Angel’s tear-filled eyes as she prayed the prayer of confession with Ricky at the outreach and wondering what God was doing in her heart at that moment. I prayed for them both as they embraced one another and thought “I bet they’ve been through some tough stuff together.” It’s incredible that God used you to bless and feed them two nights consecutively. Thanks for letting God use you and for sharing this story!

  5. Jes

    great post and great thing. And how neat that Jac got to be there with you 🙂 Thanks for sharing

  6. coach

    wow!! great stuff dude

  7. Beautiful story. I love that Jac was with you. Thanks for sharing about these precious ones. Praise the Lord.

  8. K ConWay

    Awesome. I was behind them during worship and it was great seeing them worship together.

  9. Katie

    Hi John!

    You do not know me, but Monday night, I got to be among the little group of seven or so that you took aside and asked to greet people, then to pray over them as the worship began. Jamie, who was standing to my right, and I introduced ourselves to one another then ran off to do what we could. Among the people we were so privileged to meet that night were Angel and Walter. Angel told us they had just arrived in town and wondered if we knew of a church that could offer a spare blanket. We said we would try to find out. As the worship began, Jamie and I situated ourselves in the grass to pray, as you had recommended, or more appropriately, “to do battle,” as you had said. We prayed for Angel and Walter, for the Lord to meet their needs and guide them through whatever was going on in their lives. After Jamie and I joined the service, the Lord continued to put that sweet couple on my heart, and I continued to pray for them. Suddenly, Jamie nudged me. She remembered she had a blanket in her car. We immediately ran to retrieve it after the service ended and we searched all over for Angel, but could not find her because she was speaking with a counselor. When we found Angel, she was tearful and joyful and utterly precious. It was exciting to hug her and offer her something as simple as a blanket.

    You can only imagine how excited I was to hear of your encounter with Angel and Walter a day later. What a wonderful picture of our Savior! He used two strangers praying over two strangers, then you, who were looking for a stranger in need. But, none of us are strangers to Him. Isn’t it amazing how when we feel we are ministering to others, the Lord ministers to us and shows us just how creative and loving and “in control” He really is? It is an honor to be part of His plans. And all of us are.

    Thank you for sharing your story.

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