So about two years ago I journaled, “Church should not be the destination, but the door. The door to opportunities to love God and love others. The door to the weak. The door to the hopeless. The door to the religious. The door to one another. The door.”

I am reading Ben Arment’s blog tonight and he mentions this from Erwin McManus:

So last week, Erwin McManus says at Catalyst west that the church has become like a prison, when it should be a portal.

Prison / Portal is such better terminology than Destination / Door.  The visuals of a Prison and Portal are so powerful and universally communicate clearly what I, and evidentially Erwin, are feeling.  I will be using these terms often as I explain church from now on….and mainly because I really believe it.

So Ben goes on to share about Rethink Church…a new campaign from the Methodist.

This is a really cool campaign with some good 15 second commercials to go along with their campaign:

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  1. jonteague

    prison and portal are definitely more descriptive. it’s interesting, however, that i’ve often heard the word portal used in contexts of evil.

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