7 Faith Tribes

Barna’s new book just released called The Seven Faith Tribes.


Drawing from the research, Barna identified the seven faith tribes as:

  • Casual Christians – 66% of the adult population
  • Captive Christians – 16% of the adult population
  • Jews – 2% of the adult population
  • Mormons – 2% of the adult population
  • Pantheists – 2% of the adult population
  • Muslims – one-half of 1% of the adult population
  • Skeptics – 11% of the adult population
The Seven Tribes

Citing his research, Barna indicated that the United States has seven dominant faith tribes that hold the key to the restoration of the nation. “We must recover the values that made this nation great and that must be firmly in place for order, reason, freedom and unity to prevail,” the researcher explained. “Our faith tribes are central to the development and application of people’s worldviews, which in turn produce the values on which we base our daily decisions. It is on the basis of such values that a nation rises to greatness or plummets to oblivion. The choice is ours. And it is up to our faith tribes to demonstrate the courageous leadership necessary to facilitate a national restoration of the mind, heart and soul. Without a nationwide commitment to this process, we are destined to become a country of historical significance and present-day insignificance.”

Is it a must read?

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One response to “7 Faith Tribes

  1. Aidan

    I wonder why he separated Mormons and Christians. I expect that from people regular people, but would think that someone who wrote a book on religion would recognize that people who belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints are Christian. Isn’t it obvious from the name? Now I’m curious to read it to find that out myself!

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