Man Can Not Live By Bread Alone

Jesus once said, “Man cannot live by bread alone.” (In actuality, he was a Rabbi, so we probably said that a couple of dozen times at least.)

Jesus was quoting the book of Deuteronomy when he said that.  I am pretty sure he was referring to the fact that man needs God to truly live. I totally agree.

This week though, there are two things I would add to that list with bread: A wife and the internet.

Ashleigh has been crazy sick all week. She has been a real trooper, but let me tell you…parenting three, taking care of a sick adult, and trying to keep my work done for Fellowship has been a Rushmore.

On top of all that, the internet at the house has been spotty at best.  It seems like every time I would get all four of them settled in for a 20 minute window to sleep (I wish) to work, the internet would be down.

So, not that I would give up bread, but if I was writing Deutoronomy I would have said, “Man Can Not Live By Bread, Wife, and the Internet Alone.”  Those are really my three staples.

FYI – I prefer my bread nearly flat in a 14″ or so diameter with red sauce, cheese, pepperoni, and mushroom.


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4 responses to “Man Can Not Live By Bread Alone

  1. If you like your bread like that you should come to NYC!

  2. heatherltrotter

    I don’t know whether to congratulate you for being all things to all people OR Ashleigh for NOT being all things to all people while sick (we mother’s have a tendency to try to keep our “capes” on)

  3. With God all things are possible

  4. Jes

    🙂 good stuff

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