Drew Holcomb let me know about a new music site called Brite Revolution. I checked it out last night and joined right away.

Basically you pay $5 a month and you get about 20 or so songs from many different artist. New Tracks, previously unreleased versions, and some B-side material make up the content.

This is also a “For-Benefit” venture. (That is a term I use for companies that are not non-profit, but do stratgically give back.) You get to pick one of ten or so options for some of your subscription to go to.


Here is how they explain themselves:

A Briter Evolution of Music

Exclusive Music – We add two songs from each artist every month. You’ll also get other things like videos, artist interviews and performance news.
One Price $4.99/month – There are no hidden costs. No membership levels. You get all we offer for one price.
As Much As You Want – Download and keep MP3s or listen online. You can get each track, every month, all DRM free. Plus, we’ll let you know when new music is available from the artists you love.

Here is a look at the artists, click on the image to see all.


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