Should Your Church Steal KFC’s Secret Receipe?

KFC has a famous secret receipe for their chicken, but honestly I have had better fried chicken so that is not the secret receipe I would try to steal.

But I wonder if some of our churches and community organizations should steal some of their secret receipes for marketing.


KFC just successfully pulled off a marketing campaign in Louisville that actually was mutually benefitting. They filled the potholes of the streets of Louisville with their own work crew on their own dime. All they asked for back was the ability to brand some of the pot-holes with the phrase “Re-Freshed by KFC”. They have now offered to do the same thing for the entire country and are targeting Chicago first.

Yes, we as Christians should love the city with out any expected payoff, in this case marketing. But here is what the church could learn:

  1. Instead of just renting billboards, could you invest those dollars in a mutually benefiting way?
  2. Where are you already doing works in the city and not getting press? Most cities are desperate for good stories for the tv and print news, why not your church?
  3. Are you even aware of what your city really needs?
  4. Are you equipping and resourcing your people to meet the needs of the city?

Check out the full story here.


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2 responses to “Should Your Church Steal KFC’s Secret Receipe?

  1. Great observation. The church would always do good to make sure it’s efforts publicize is not about self-promotion for self-promotion’s sake or to make a “name” for itself. It’s a bizarre dichotomy in which we live.

  2. Nicole W,0,283039.story

    I know potholes aren’t the point, but this Chicago news story is interesting, and the city is up in arms about it.

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