Would Anyone Beg?

Right now Coach John Calipari is weighing the option of leaving the University of Memphis to coach at the University of Kentucky.


In nine years Coach Cal has built a very entertaining program and had a great winning percentage. The economic impact of the Tigers success for the city of Memphis is in the 10s of millions.

I heard that people were outside of his house begging him to stay. So intrigued, I grabbed Ben, Rick, and Crenshaw and we took an 8 minute road trip to see it all.

When we got there, his entire street was blocked off with police cars at both ends. Two TV crew vans with antennas 50 plus feet in the air. Dozens of cars lining the streets leading to his and about 50 Tiger fans wearing blue and holding signs.

Here is my question for you guys….if your church leadership left town, if the elders decided to pack everything up and take an offer to lead another community, would anyone in your city beg them to stay? Would anyone even notice?

Let’s “bring this to your neighborhood” to quote Loritts. If you, not your church, but you and your family. If you decided to leave your neighborhood, would your neighbors protest against it?  Would other community leaders ask you to reconsider? Or would they even notice?

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One response to “Would Anyone Beg?

  1. Shannon Stewart

    You made me think…

    But I am glad that Coach Cal is going to UK. I have had a hard time cheering for my boys the past few years. GO CATS!!!

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