Old Lessons for New Leaders: Get the “Small” Stuff Right.

I am a big advocate of the fact that “small” stuff is really BIG stuff. When you are at work, doing ministry, investing in your family, or whatever….all the small stuff consistently adds up to BIG stuff. It is like deciding how to invest a dollar, one hundred times a week versus the big stuff which is deciding once a week how to invest a $100 bill. At the end of the week…they are both the same.

The BIG stuff may take a whole week to figure out, but the small stuff scenario expects quick, accurate, and intentional decision making all through out the week, over and over again. Often these decisions are allotted very little time if any to make a call on, so you have to be prepared.

The DLM – Tips for Life Blog has a good post on this same topic. Here is a recap:

1. Your Task Could Be Mission-Critical

  • Even if something seems unimportant or insignificant to you, it might be a crucial cog in the machinery of your company.

2. The Way You Carry Out The Task Matters

  • Don’t just assume that a complex procedure means your boss or manager is trying to be a pain. They don’t want to waste your time on trivia – after all, they pay you!

3. You’re Showing Diligence and Reliability

  • Assuming that you want your boss to see you as organized, diligent and reliable, taking care with small jobs can only create a great impression.

4. You Get Personal Satisfaction From a Job Done Well

  • Be proud that you’re the sort of person who does things well – even when no-one else will ever know.

They expound on all of these points more in the post, read more here.

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